Social Event:

NOTE CHANGE OF DATE!!    August 24th Blue Lake Association Picnic – 5pm  
Flotilla on the lake – 1pm
-John and Jean Tuohy’s will host once again.  27356 Carr St NW
-Fun time to meet neighbors-bring games for kids

2013  Dues

Membership payments- send payments to Bonnie Gibbs (never too late). Still only $25.00
  Only 42 owners have paid out of the total 200 owners around the lake.
  Please support the association to stay active and maintain Blue Lake for the future.

Blue Lake Association
Attn:  Bonnie Gibbs
27988 Yak Street NW
Zimmerman, MN 55398

Social Event:
-August 24 Blue Lake Association Picnic – 5pm  
Flotilla on the lake – 1pm
-John and Jean Tuohy’s will host once again.  27356 Carr St NW
-Fun time to meet neighbors-bring games for kids



Blue Lake
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Lake Related
Items and Services Only Please
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To Make a Listing Contact Bill Yueill at
              Spring Mtg. Minutes contain important information

                                           Please Read!!

May 25, 2013- Blue Lake Association Meeting Highlights- President Bill Yueill
Treasurer reports:    Balance 9,543.37
-43 units ytd have paid membership dues
-Big Thank You to Don Davies for preparing 2012 Association taxes for free

Winter Update:
Less garbage found after ice houses removed.  Both boat launches have Trash containers supplied by the townships.

Web Site Update:
Section “For Sale/Wanted/Lake Services Offered”-Contact Rob Lund or Becky Schulz
Visit the Blue Lake Association Web site -

Weed Update:
-Weed Spraying Approved for 15.6 acres
-Grant request approved for 100.00 per acre
-Purple Loose Strife spraying- Doug Oster researched Tracy Dreschler reported
         Lake Management can spray 100.00 an hour/anticipate 4 hour limit.
         Beetles are not populating to handle the problem
         Motion approved to have the spraying done by Lake Management
-Bonnie reported that we are ok right with budget for spraying now. Spent 5k with half  reimbursed by grant.  
-Voluntary contributions for weed spraying would be appreciated.
         All dues and donations to the BLA are tax deductible.
-Concern about muck at owners shoreline.  Options to remove were discussed but very expense options.                                 DNR
checked on dredging but was 100K to complete.

Vegetation Management: Tracy reported
-Vegetation management plan allows more than 15 percent of the lake to be sprayed.  
-Plan to pursue the plan next year.
-The DNR evaluates the clarity and water quality to see if Blue Lake will qualify for the program which is done by Secchi disk-       
Tracy has agreed to continue testing.
- Look for future Secchi report on BLA website.  

Lake Improvement District:
-Proposed the BLA pursue a Lake Improvement District for our lake.
-The Lake Improvement District will be mandated by the county and a small tax placed on each homeowner in the watershed to
maintain the quality of the lake.  
-All the owners of the watershed would help in the expense of the quality of the water instead of just the BLA members.
-Discussion of possibly a $10.00 tax a year, Dale shared that another lake home of theirs is $80.00 year but pays for the weed
-The LID requires majority vote of the watershed homeowners.
Meeting June 19th - 7pm at Stanford township
                               Chisago resident to speak on his experience with the LID for their area
                               Stanford Township
                                5050 261st Avenue N.W.
                                Isanti, MN  55040

Please plan to attend the meeting and please speak with your neighbors.  The LID will take a BIG effort to have a majority vote.

Social Event:
-August 17 Blue Lake Association Picnic – 5pm Flotilla on the lake – 1pm
-John and Jean Tuohy’s will host once again.  27356 Carr St NW
-Fun time to meet neighbors-bring games for kids

Further Business:
Thank you to the Stanford Township for use of the Hall and Barbara Vogtlin for opening.  

Boat Landing Parking:
- Concern shared by Gary Olson of overload of trailers at boat landing parking and boats bringing Invasive Species into the lake.  
-Boat trailers are parking beyond specified parking areas/blocking roads and driveways.
-County is not ticketing or enforcing parking as they had agreed, no resources.         
-Boats come from other lakes that have limited parking as our parking restrictions are not enforced.  
-Gary will contact Spencer Brook Township and Isanti County
-Please attend June 10 meeting to discuss the parking problem.

                                       June 10 6:30pm Spencer Brook Township
                                       Meeting discuss parking enforcement
                                       Spencer Brook Township
                                       16978 305th Avenue N.W.
                                       Princeton, MN  55371

Meeting June 19th - 7pm at Stanford township
Jerry  Spencer came from Chisago to discuss the LID for the area.  
Discussion with persons present feel it is a good plan to preserve Blue
Lake for many years. Many advantages to having a LID, such as available

June 10 6:30pm Spencer Brook Township
The June 10th meeting at Spencer Township regarding the parking issue
seems successful. Well attended -cars/trailers are being ticketed that are
not parking in designated areas.The sheriff has been ticketing vehicles in
the NO Parking areas.
For Information about measurements being made of Blue Lake
water clarity...see the Ecology Tab.

Critical New Information is Posted under the Ecology Tab: