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Late Summer 2016

Blue Lake Improvement District

Saturday August 27th at 5 PM
Stanford Township Hall
5050 261st Avenue NW, Isanti

Blue Lake Association Picnic

WHERE:  Tuohy's Place,
27356 Carr St. (SE end of Big Blue)
BRING:  Your beverage, chairs, something
to share and meat to grill

2016 Dues

Membership payments- send payments to Bonnie Gibbs
(never too late). Still only $25.00
Please support the association to stay active and maintain
Blue Lake for the future.

Blue Lake Association
Attn:  Bonnie Gibbs
27988 Yak Street NW
Zimmerman, MN 55398

New Boating Information:

Dear Boater,
Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are threatening
Minnesota waters. These nonnative species harm
fish populations, water quality, and water recreation.
You can help prevent the introduction and spread of
invasive species by following both the required and
recommended actions listed on this card.
CLEAN all visible aquatic plants, zebra mussels,
and other prohibited invasive species from
watercraft, trailers, and water-related equipment
before leaving any water access or shoreland.
DRAIN water-related equipment (boat,
ballast tanks, portable bait container, motor) and
drain bilge, livewell, and baitwell by removing
drain plugs before leaving a water access or
shoreland property. Keep drain plugs out and
water‑draining devices open while transporting
DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows,
leeches, and worms, in the trash. It is illegal to
release live bait into a waterbody or release aquatic
animals from one waterbody to another. If you
want to keep your live bait, you must refill the bait
container with bottled or tap water.
Violating these regulations may result in fines up
to $1,000. To report a violation, contact a DNR
Conservation Officer. You can locate officers at or by using the QR
code below.
DNR Conservation
Officer Locator

© 2013, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
An equal opportunity employer. Second printing 2013.
Spray, rinse, dry — Some invasive species are
small and difficult to see at the access. To remove
or kill them, take one or more of the following
precautions before moving to another waterbody,
especially after leaving zebra mussel and spiny
waterflea infested waters:
• Spray with high-pressure water
• Rinse with very hot water*
• Dry for at least 5 days
• Run motor and personal watercraft for a
few seconds to discharge water before leaving
a water access.
• Transport fish on ice — be prepared, bring
a cooler.
* These water temperatures will kill zebra mussels and
some other AIS: 120°F for at least 2 minutes; or 140°F for
at least 10 seconds.
KNOW THE LAW: You may not…
Transport watercraft without drain plug
Arrive at lake access with drain plug in place.
Transport aquatic plants, zebra mussels, or
other prohibited species whether dead or alive.
Launch a watercraft with prohibited species
Transport water from Minnesota lakes or rivers.
Release live bait into the water.
Check these places on your boat and trailer
for aquatic plants or animals:

MN 4316 AD
anchor and lines
lower unit
rollers/bunks axel
To report new AIS sightings call the MN DNR
at 888-646-6367 or 651-259-5100.
Blue Lake
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